To my Watercolor

As a watercolor artist, I draw my inspiration from the divine beauty of nature, celebrating God’s own masterpiece. Through my work, I aim to capture the serenity and splendor of the natural world, using the transparency and fluidity of watercolors to convey its timeless allure. Join me on this artistic journey and explore the enchanting realms I create, where God’s own work comes to life on paper

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Experience the magic of watercolors, breathing life into the diverse inspirations that shape Malack's work. Each brushstroke is a testament to his deep connection with nature and his ability to capture its essence in every stroke.


As you explore the gallery of Malack Silas, you'll find landscapes that transport you to the heart of Africa, delicate florals that bloom with grace, and a myriad of subjects that celebrate the beauty of both continents he calls home. His art is a testament to the power of creativity and the harmonious blend of cultures.