Malack Silas watercolor workshops and classes

From Novice to Maestro: Watercolor Techniques for Every Level"

Express yourself with mesmerizing watercolors. Classes for all ages and levels. Come and experience your creative self.From Novice to Maestro: Watercolor Techniques for Every Level”

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#Watercolor Classes

From Blank Paper to Masterpiece: Your Watercolor Adventure Begins Here!"

Embark on a creative journey that will ignite your passion for art like never before! Our watercolor classes are designed to unleash your inner artist, whether you’re a complete beginner, an intermediate painter, or a seasoned expert.

Discover the enchanting world of watercolors, where vibrant hues blend seamlessly to breathe life into your imagination. Our experienced instructors will guide you step by step, providing you with the skills and techniques you need to create stunning watercolor masterpieces.

No matter your skill level, our classes offer a supportive and inspiring environment where you can explore the magic of watercolors. Join us and watch as your artistic aspirations take flight. Unlock your potential, explore your creativity, and let your imagination flow freely in our captivating watercolor classes. Don’t miss this opportunity to turn your dreams into beautiful works of art!”

Basic Curriculum

The basic watercolor curriculum encompasses fundamental techniques, materials, color theory, brush control, project-based learning, composition, advanced techniques, critique, artistic exploration, art history, and professional presentation.

In our watercolor classes, students progress from mastering foundational techniques to creating advanced, personally expressive artwork while exploring the rich history and techniques of this captivating medium.